We can paint ANYTHING!

At the beginning of each new year, almost everyone makes a New Year’s Resolution.  At H.I.S. Painting, the new year means a fresh start for us as well!  We thought, “Why not make New Year’s Resolutions–but gear them towards our existing & potential customers?”  That is exactly what we have done.  We want to kick in 2011 with three things that will help us be what YOU are looking for in an industrial painting company:

1.  We will be PROFESSIONAL!  No matter what, we will be courteous, and give our customers respect.  We are professionals, don’t you think we should act like it?

2. We will be PROACTIVE!  At H.I.S. Painting we want to lead the painting industry, but we can’t lead unless we take action towards better service for everyone.  We will take the time to find your needs and fulfill them.

3.  We will bring you QUALITY! H.I.S. stands for HONESTY, INTEGRITY, SERVICE, and we wouldn’t give you anything less.  We are confident that the work we do will be what you need from a painting company, and this is our promise to do so!

Although these are three of our New Year’s resolutions, rest assured that it is not all we will be doing to give you the best customer service.  We will give you more than what is expected and we will be someone you want to come back to!


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