We can paint ANYTHING!

Here at H.I.S. Painting, we have a lot of personalities that make up our workforce.  We have talkers–we have listeners.  We have logical thinkers–we have heart thinkers.  All in all, we have a little bit of everything.  In a workplace, if personalities don’t blend, they conflict.  This is why we have decided to train our employees to understand and accept each other’s differences by using the MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE-INDICATOR evaluations.

To start, we had all of our employees take a quiz:


Secondly, we had a meeting and went through what each person’s personality description:


Afterwards, we discussed how the different personalities are what helps work progress–if understood correctly.  We pointed out that if we all take the time to understand why we all act the way we do, the work can go forward a lot smoother.  After all, it takes every member of a team, working together, to create success.

At H.I.S. Painting, we value the individual, but we understand the importance of creating a unified team.  By taking the time to do this, we are showing that in order to have a successful project, you have to have a successful team.  That is part of the H.I.S. Difference.  We care about every detail and we do our best to ensure that we are giving our customers quality work–right down to those who are performing the work.

We encourage every organization to try this out and see how it affects the cohesiveness of your company.

Here’s the link just one more time, just in case:


*Note:  This is not the quiz we took since the time expired, but it is a quiz dealing with MBTI


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