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Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Name of Project: Hangar C

Project Manager: Art Dever

Project Lead: Bob Drinkwater

Members of the Team:
Larry Dean, Bob Drinkwater, Mike Healy, Mike Hale, Louis Hodgeman, Omar Ramos, Mike Royce, Brian Stevens, Chris Younger, Seth Jones, Liz Nightingale, Mark Shacreaw, Harry Seward, Dave Heyne

Customer: Lunacon Construction

Date Started: February 2011

Date Completed: March 2011

What was challenging about this project?
We had an extreme amount of work to be completed in a short amount of time.  We also had severe material shortages at the beginning and throughout that added pressure to the timeline.

What products were used? PPG Dry-Fall Acrylic Coating

Did we meet our goals?
While the project looks great, it wasn’t completed on time and it cost more than it should have.

What made this project unique?
The sheer scope of the work as there wasn’t a surface left untouched in this building.  Also, this Hangar is being converted into an Air Force museum.

What all needed to be done on this project?

Ceilings- The ceilings needed to be  prepped, primed and painted.  The
surfaces we were painting were wood and structural steel.

Walls- The walls were made of CMU (concrete masonry unit) also known as concrete blocks.  They were pressure washed with some minor patching, and painting.

Floors- The floors had a few more steps than the walls and ceiling.  We had to remove the paint, wash them, patch holes, and spalled the concrete—after which we applied the sealer.



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