We can paint ANYTHING!

Location: Orlando

Name of Project: Taumata Racer Slide

Project Manager: Mike Hale

Project Lead: Nelson Caetano

Members of the Team:
Brian Stevens, Mark Shacreaw, Louis Hodgeman, Dave Tilley, Mike Healy, Omar Ramos

Customer: HotSpray

Date Started: February 2011

Date Completed: March 2011

What was challenging about this project?

There were 3 big challenges—the first being the steep slope of the slides, combined with the blast media made standing almost impossible; second was that it was a night job and the third was completing the job in the really short timeline given.  A very cool challenge came about as we won the second part of this contract while working on the first.

What products were used? Versa Flex (never used before)

Did our team work well together? Yes

Did we meet our goals? Yes

What made this project unique?
It was incredibly high TUBE SLIDES!  When we had two temporary workers come on the scene, they walked off right when they saw how high the slides were!

What all needed to be done on this project?
This project was worked in tandem with HotSpray.  First the exterior clear coat had to be removed by blasting.  The next step was cleaning, patching and painting 8 slides with a product that none of us had ever used before.  While HotSpray applied their coating, our crew moved on to start the 8 tube chutes above the slide.  These tubes had to be cleaned by pressure washing then sanded before any painting could be done.  With only 2 weeks and an uphill battle on their hands, we completed the entire job and turned the job over on time.


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