We can paint ANYTHING!

Let’s face it: we work in an industry that doesn’t really use (or even know about) social media.  It’s not like contractors are checking to see what their steel suppliers last tweet was.  We will be lucky if anyone even knows what a tweet is!  So what do we do when we are caught between a world that is socially evolving and an industry that doesn’t know what to do with that world?  Which way do we go? Do we choose the ever-advancing technology and leave our colleagues wondering where in the cyber-world we’ve gone? Or do we choose to stay  on the same page as our industry mates for communication purposes?

The correct answer is that we don’t choose either–we choose both!    There is no reason why we can be the first to show others the way into social networking.  Since we have some know-how (even if it is very little), we can educate those around us.  Just because one industry isn’t very involved with facebook, twitter, youtube, etc., it doesn’t mean they can’t be.  We can show them the way!

We will use these resources to connect our industry with the outside world.  Instead of being caught in between, we are the connecting link!  We can ease our colleagues into social media by having them look at our our networks, then they can ease into their own.  We are going to bring an old-fashioned industry into the new age of technology.

We have decided that social media IS for us.  How about you?


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