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Is social media for us?

Let’s face it: we work in an industry that doesn’t really use (or even know about) social media.  It’s not like contractors are checking to see what their steel suppliers last tweet was.  We will be lucky if anyone even knows what a tweet is!  So what do we do when we are caught between a world that is socially evolving and an industry that doesn’t know what to do with that world?  Which way do we go? Do we choose the ever-advancing technology and leave our colleagues wondering where in the cyber-world we’ve gone? Or do we choose to stay  on the same page as our industry mates for communication purposes?

The correct answer is that we don’t choose either–we choose both!    There is no reason why we can be the first to show others the way into social networking.  Since we have some know-how (even if it is very little), we can educate those around us.  Just because one industry isn’t very involved with facebook, twitter, youtube, etc., it doesn’t mean they can’t be.  We can show them the way!

We will use these resources to connect our industry with the outside world.  Instead of being caught in between, we are the connecting link!  We can ease our colleagues into social media by having them look at our our networks, then they can ease into their own.  We are going to bring an old-fashioned industry into the new age of technology.

We have decided that social media IS for us.  How about you?

Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Disney World

What do these three places have in common?

We have upcoming projects for each of them!  The summer is bringing new opportunities and the chance to really showcase our work.  We have worked for these parks before, but we are glad that they have chosen to bring us back for another round.  Stay connected to see our progress!

Completed Project: Sea World

Location: Orlando

Name of Project: Taumata Racer Slide

Project Manager: Mike Hale

Project Lead: Nelson Caetano

Members of the Team:
Brian Stevens, Mark Shacreaw, Louis Hodgeman, Dave Tilley, Mike Healy, Omar Ramos

Customer: HotSpray

Date Started: February 2011

Date Completed: March 2011

What was challenging about this project?

There were 3 big challenges—the first being the steep slope of the slides, combined with the blast media made standing almost impossible; second was that it was a night job and the third was completing the job in the really short timeline given.  A very cool challenge came about as we won the second part of this contract while working on the first.

What products were used? Versa Flex (never used before)

Did our team work well together? Yes

Did we meet our goals? Yes

What made this project unique?
It was incredibly high TUBE SLIDES!  When we had two temporary workers come on the scene, they walked off right when they saw how high the slides were!

What all needed to be done on this project?
This project was worked in tandem with HotSpray.  First the exterior clear coat had to be removed by blasting.  The next step was cleaning, patching and painting 8 slides with a product that none of us had ever used before.  While HotSpray applied their coating, our crew moved on to start the 8 tube chutes above the slide.  These tubes had to be cleaned by pressure washing then sanded before any painting could be done.  With only 2 weeks and an uphill battle on their hands, we completed the entire job and turned the job over on time.

Completed Projects: Before Meets After


Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Name of Project: Hangar C

Project Manager: Art Dever

Project Lead: Bob Drinkwater

Members of the Team:
Larry Dean, Bob Drinkwater, Mike Healy, Mike Hale, Louis Hodgeman, Omar Ramos, Mike Royce, Brian Stevens, Chris Younger, Seth Jones, Liz Nightingale, Mark Shacreaw, Harry Seward, Dave Heyne

Customer: Lunacon Construction

Date Started: February 2011

Date Completed: March 2011

What was challenging about this project?
We had an extreme amount of work to be completed in a short amount of time.  We also had severe material shortages at the beginning and throughout that added pressure to the timeline.

What products were used? PPG Dry-Fall Acrylic Coating

Did we meet our goals?
While the project looks great, it wasn’t completed on time and it cost more than it should have.

What made this project unique?
The sheer scope of the work as there wasn’t a surface left untouched in this building.  Also, this Hangar is being converted into an Air Force museum.

What all needed to be done on this project?

Ceilings- The ceilings needed to be  prepped, primed and painted.  The
surfaces we were painting were wood and structural steel.

Walls- The walls were made of CMU (concrete masonry unit) also known as concrete blocks.  They were pressure washed with some minor patching, and painting.

Floors- The floors had a few more steps than the walls and ceiling.  We had to remove the paint, wash them, patch holes, and spalled the concrete—after which we applied the sealer.


What’s your TYPE?

Here at H.I.S. Painting, we have a lot of personalities that make up our workforce.  We have talkers–we have listeners.  We have logical thinkers–we have heart thinkers.  All in all, we have a little bit of everything.  In a workplace, if personalities don’t blend, they conflict.  This is why we have decided to train our employees to understand and accept each other’s differences by using the MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE-INDICATOR evaluations.

To start, we had all of our employees take a quiz:


Secondly, we had a meeting and went through what each person’s personality description:


Afterwards, we discussed how the different personalities are what helps work progress–if understood correctly.  We pointed out that if we all take the time to understand why we all act the way we do, the work can go forward a lot smoother.  After all, it takes every member of a team, working together, to create success.

At H.I.S. Painting, we value the individual, but we understand the importance of creating a unified team.  By taking the time to do this, we are showing that in order to have a successful project, you have to have a successful team.  That is part of the H.I.S. Difference.  We care about every detail and we do our best to ensure that we are giving our customers quality work–right down to those who are performing the work.

We encourage every organization to try this out and see how it affects the cohesiveness of your company.

Here’s the link just one more time, just in case:


*Note:  This is not the quiz we took since the time expired, but it is a quiz dealing with MBTI

Discovery Space Shuttle’s LAST LAUNCH!

Just last week we had the amazing opportunity (as did everyone else in Central Florida) to see the last launch of the Discovery space shuttle!

The launch was magnificent! Can’t believe that people are actually in space as we speak! It was definitely a memorable experience and we are glad that we are located here on the Space Coast! What an opportunity!

There were so many people from all over the U.S. There was even one guy that hitchhiked all the way from Washington to get here. It was his 50th birthday. Traffic was completely stopped and RV’s were everywhere. It’s times when you watch incredible experiences, such as this, that embed an even stronger sense of patriotism.

“God bless the U.S.A.”